Stiff Competition - the Novel

Stiff Competition

Stiff Competition - the Novel

Thank you for your interest in Stiff Competition.  Unfortunately the title is currently out of print due to changes at Emissary Publishing.

Emissary tell me they may reissue the novel when the book trade picks up, but this will no doubt depend on whether or not they think anyone is interested.  With this in mind, you might like to help them achieve the correct perception by emailing them to ask when the title will be available.  If so, please
Click Here.

Stiff Competition remained in print constantly for 10 years.  Thatís not bad as these things go.  Sadly it was never reviewed in the national press, and never stocked by the big book chains, so its sales were limited.  This is the problem with small publishers.  They simply donít have the promotional clout of the big firms.  Basically I had to do it all myself.  Still, itís been an interesting experience, and with luck my next book will be issued by a mainstream publisher with millions to spend on promotion, not to mention author pampering.

                                                                      -  Michael Shenton


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